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Sawada Tsunayoshi

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      1. Its just that Tokyo Ghoul season 1 is in 480p but its ok if nobody wants to do it, I understand how hard it is to encode episodes and stuff like that

  1. Eid Mubarak! Brothers May the Almighty fill your life with satisfaction,ecstasy and serenity on this joyous occasion

  2. #Request The Vision of Escaflowne series and movie 1080p Dual Audio

    One of my all time favorites from long ago.

  3. #request
    inazuma eleven
    480p english dub
    sorry i coundn’t find any sources for this bcz torrents are banned in my country

      1. There should be a rule to limit multiple requests by same person similar to AniDl
        I think its somewhat harsh but reasonable considering the workload.

        1. It’ll all come soon. We have everything planned for the forums.
          On the other hand this also tells us what anime we are missing so i don’t have a problem. Not yet.

        2. We will start direct ftp downloads soon
          For donators.

          You can then directly download the anime before its even uploaded to mega + all other anime from that point onwards

    1. huh.. i’ll do this after the weekend.
      If you don’t mind, I’d like to encode it in 720p because the rest of the series is 720p.
      Your Choice!

    1. 2 movies are already done. Will post the complete batch tomorrow.
      As for the series, OED has encoded it already (in 720p) So that should be up soon too!

  4. #Request One Piece | S01-S08 | DVD-480p | x265 10bit | Eng Sub Only

    Source: cloaknsmoke-rips

    P.S: I do appreciate the work done for S01-S07 in dual audio/8-bit/x264 but if possible do it without Eng Audio (If that isn’t possible, I am already really thankful) and then will just wait for S08 DVD along with any new ones with BluRay)

      1. Thx for replying but i already seen the sizes of the episodes and it was too big for 20min anime don’t you think ?!

          1. let’s be reasonable for a second , i’m not downloading a Tv series
            Tv series=200-300mb
            so even if it’s x264 it should be smaller

          2. like i said
            this will take time , every encoder uses their own choice of encode

            Some prefer less size, some dont compromise at all on quality
            Kami is the latter.

            we can do a re encode , but like i said this gotta wait.

            Its not just about the size.
            And i think kami’s is not a mini encode like we usually do.

          3. I know, I am more of a 100mb 720p encode lover than u
            But it’s the first rule of requesting a anime encode(for us size freaks) NEVER EXPECT THAT THE ENCODE THAT U HAVE REQUESTED WILL BE AROUND THAT SIZE
            BTW encoding and getting the result according to u is not an easy task.

        1. i think its cause the video is in 10bit rather than 8bit and + its dual audio acc codec so that adds about 25-30 mb to the file for both tracks its not bad actually + its 24 mins not 20 OP and ED do count in for sizes

    1. I’ll encode a 480p x265 version but you’ll have to wait for a week at least. If that’s okay, I’ll pick this up.

  5. #Request Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin | 720p | BDRip | 10-bit | x265

    I hope someone here on the encode team likes seinen too.

  6. #Request Psycho-Pass S1 | 720p | BDRip | Dual Audio | x265 Current dual audio one is only jap sub please fix thank you.

          1. Yeah, He’ll be posting everything related to Black Butler in 2-3 days. He’s got some issues with his rdp currently.
            Man he’s been working on this for weeks 😂

          2. I thought He face some horrible incident after hearing him from last we talk. :3 Thank you bro for replying

          3. Bro I was actually waiting for this encode to watch Black Butler xD If you can please let him know bro :) Really appreciate it

          4. He has already encoded like 90% of the series. idk why he’s not posting it. Maybe the posts have not been made.

          5. Thanks bro for giving feedback Greatly appreciate your kind behavior. So in 2 days we will be able to see his post bro? :D

  7. ———-Notice ———–

    Given the sheer number of comments on this page
    We are thinking of shifting the request section to our forum at
    It would be more easier and cleaner to take requests there, thread by thread.
    Tagging messaging and control also improves, and you all can keep track of requests you made too.

    Plus we can manage any unread requests with far more ease.

    What do think ?
    Leave us comments and flames

      1. We have missed a few requests here , cause they got too pushed down to scroll and find.

        hopefully this wont happen with the forum

        We will fully shift to taking requests in the forum

    1. It will be up in a few minutes. Both Movies. This was already in our pending list. Since someone requested it, I can post it rn. kek.

        1. Etto.. I don’t think there’s any Dub for the movies. The OVA is Dubbed which I’ll post soon. If you can find the dubs, gib.

    1. sorry for not replaying but most encoders are busy with other requests atm please hold out for about 2-3 days more

  8. #Request Ao Haru Ride(Blue Spring Ride) Live action movie – any quality –

    NOTE: Try to get it in mkv…. will save up a lot of space and will be quicker to download!

    1. Ya. some old links are from a partner site, and almost all of their links are dead. D-E-A-D
      We are slowly working on replacing them with fresh encodes

    1. there is another post for 720P on site but size is too big i have forwarded this to that encoder please be paitent

          1. sorry i did’t get exactly what u have said?
            do u mean u will be using those fansubs from tvrip encode and will add them on the bd version of maid dragon?

          2. many times BD are way different from the TV versions (ex, food war season 3 is different form the TV) so we have to wait for the BD version of sub to come out, so i am using fansubs for this series and video and jap audio form BD and eng dub audio from funi

  9. #request digimon adventures tri.. movie 1,2,3,4 …720p or 1080p (any..prefer 720p)
    x265 ofc
    highest quality and lowest size
    prefered encoder: OED xD

    1. the hell you can just request that off him via PM for god sake…..but then again i see what you did there XD

          1. It was on my list before he requested. I haven’t started working on it yet so you can take it if you want.

          2. Oii @rejulotaku:disqus Take this up. I encoded it yesterday but my rdp got rekt overnight before i could upload.

          3. Wow. I thought Rejul was. :|
            I’ll be busy this weekend. If he doesn’t pick it up till then, I’ll do it.

  10. #Request
    Anime Movie: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie:A wakening of the Trailblazer 720p BD x264 English Sub

  11. #Request all of monogatari series.
    Monogatari series second season
    Owarimonogatari2nd season

    Thanks for the consideration @Animekaizoku

          1. Well, that depends on the anime. I re encoded Attack on Titan S2 Dual Audio but the difference in size was not much.

          1. my profile has nothing to do with any character from any universe so you really cant deduct points fromm me

          1. We are thinking of adding a paid section for those who have too many requests, because it takes a lot of resources to encode them, and we get around 7-8 requests a day but still no one to support for servers :/

        1. That’s for streaming. I can’t find a dual audio ver anywhere. Even if i managed to download all those, syncing the audio tracks for 51 episodes is such a drag. So for now, I can only do the subs.

          1. I downloaded may Lucifer22 encodes back in days..quality is great with less file he still active in encoding community?

          2. He doesnt wants to share them because reason unknown.
            Gotta live with it cause his encodes are his encodes xD

          1. coz, the source is kinna like using ordered chapters. But that stupid demon doesn’t know :p

          2. sorry for that….source had no OP/ED, so my encode neither :P
            got problem with the RDP, your Asu no yatchi will be encoded ASAP.

    1. Reqest taken will update when ready
      Edit : i have already posted this on the site for 720p X265 format sizes range from 120-150
      if you dont mind the sizes if that ont an option i can push eureka 7 in 480p but will take longer as a another request is taking longer than expected ^_^

        1. Sure can but its gonna take some time before i can even put it into queue i have 4 other requests to take over but once its done i can push yours ill try to get the smallest size i can ^_^

  12. #Request Blue Spring Ride (Ao Haru Ride) 720p or 1080p…. It’s available in 360p on the site but that quality is too low to watch…
    Arigatto !

          1. Oh yeah actually the 360p one didn’t have subs , I got confused with your post. PS, could you add the OVAs in 720p ?

      1. thanks for the appreciation. i would have been even more happier if you had done in x264.i want gosick anime in dual audio.i will keep the request when all the dubs come out i hope u guys pick it up then.THANKS FOR DOING THIS REQUEST.

  13. Well requested for Kuroko no basket all seasons 3 days ago but receive no feedback and response from the admins if they are willing to take it or not.At least you can give response to the requesting members.

    1. Wait for it mate still 3rd season is not out (fansubs)
      will be doing first 2 season for now
      will do 3rd when all episodes are out

      1. Thanks a lot for replying at least now get the confirmation from admins :D Actually i know you guys have lots of other request too. I have been following kaizoku for several years and this is my first time request .Hope you will consider my impatient behavior and pardon me.Season 1 and 2 of kuroko no basket in 720p will be great

        1. You savage ..

          Also ,
          Anime Kaizoku is less than 1 year old still , how did you follow us for “several years”

          Give me back my time machine

    2. Sorry for no response
      We get 40 comments a day sitewide , and already have 20+ pending requests , apart from the ones in queue

      So you can guess the load

      1. yeah bro sorry for being impatient behavior of mine but Kaizoku is now more famous than before because now i see this is the only source for people to get good quality anime in BD dual audio .Thanks a bunch for yours hard work.

          1. Sorry i downloaded it using torrent (local backup) (its an old upload) I have 2 copies one is yours and the other one is “Cleo”

          2. Yep its around 75mb/episode hard subbed (fine encode considering the size)
            Total size 1.75gb I guess
            Torrent must be dead by now

          3. hmmm
            its hard sub then there will be one more which is softsub and BD around same size
            have to search that

          4. I consider any 720p encode with 100+ MB/episodes oversized but I wanted higher quality(because it’s my favourite anime) so I downloaded the oversized 2.89gb Cleo encode and kepts both copies

  14. #Request oreimo (Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai in 720p season 1 and 2 eng-sub thank you very much if possible in torrent.

  15. #REQUEST Free! Season (1 + 2+ OVA) Complete Batch 720p BD x265 English audio (I don’t care if you Include Jap audio or not ) English subbed 100Mb Episodes Total size around 2.6Gb (size matters)

          1. thanks, your return is bringing me more anime to watch
            Take your time I am in no hurry as I have already watched both the seasons

        1. You almost made me choke
          I was like absolutely sure that the BDs are not released yet
          Read about the anime a while ago
          And did some digging after it

      1. Adi what happened to your youtubing?
        You should have some free time these days

        Want to help us out on our youtube channel ?

        1. I just done building my new amd ryzen rig..will start uploading from next week maybe…btw how can i help ?

  16. List of Currently Pending Requests

    You all can see , we are currently packed and a little short staffed this month , please refrain from posting more requests until we catch up with these first

    #RequestSengoku Basara season 1 + Season 2 + Movie 1080p or 720p Eng Sub
    #RequestGatchaman Crowds Insight Season 2 720p BD Dual Audio x265
    #RequestMawaru Penguindrum 720p Dual Audio
    #Request Thunderbolt Fantasy 720p x265 Eng Sub
    #Request Mokke jap audio 480p or above in Eng sub
    #Request Kono Subarashii Sekai both season 360p or 480p Eng Sub
    #Request Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Dual audio 720p bd x265
    #Request Fuuka 720p BD Dual Audio
    #Request Blame! (Movie) 1080p english subbed/dual audio
    #RequestColorful (Movie) best quality english subbed/dual audio
    #RequestNatsume Yuujinchou (full series) 720p english subbed/dual audio
    #Request [Completed] Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage) 720p 10bit sub or dual or dub
    #Request [Ongoing] Quan Zhi Gao Shou (The King’s Avatar) 720p 10bit sub or dual or dub
    #Request Attack on Titan Season 1 and 2 360p eng sub
    #Request Hidan no Aria AA (Season 2) dual audio 720p bd
    #Request Hyperdimension Neptunia 720p dual audio bdrip

    1. working on Sengoku Basara , natsume , konosuba , kaiji s2
      kaiji s1 and clannad ~as~ done but sawada didn’t made any posts so can’t upload :/

  17. Please Ask the admins if you want an affiliate partnership , we never say no .

    But please don’t do spam promotions on our pages


    1. oh sorry. i didn’t mean that. then only #request Mokke jap audio 400p
      will suffice here. no need for source / explanation. got it

  18. Rokey this is gonna sound weird but I wanna say it anyway. You have recently started adding “Rokey” templates as thumbnails in all of your new encodes.
    It kinda looks irritating to me, unprofessional too. This is my request for you, can you drop the thumbnails ?? In your new encodes, the original ones look cool . you may ignore it as the encodes are yours and yours alone ,how you may encode them is up to you.

    1. # Issue Ignored
      Reason : The encoders get to choose their templates since they work for days on the encode , plus , rokey works harder on this than any of us.

      1. I know that, this should have been done in a personal chat but since I do not know how to do so all I can do is this.
        And For the record this is not an issue, rokey can ignore it I was just highlighting how these templates make his encodes totaly uncool looking to be exact from other encodes

        Sorry if I have said something wrong I didn’t mean it
        I just wanted his encodes to be best

          1. I will be the pirate king

            # as penalty for not getting this reference on a pirate website of a one piece fan , gonna skip 3 of your requests xD

    2. Although so many off topic comments clears this that
      We need a discussion board for comments soon ,

      # Idea noted, Progress 10%

      1. I was gonna suggest this sooner or later
        A disqus solemnly for request
        A discuss for off topic comments different threads
        Interaction btw the pirates and users with few posts unlike tele group
        Plus a section on the of home page for Anouncements

        man at this rate I will be critic in no time, should take a rest

      1. Bad experiences huh dont know about that,but thanks for considering this. ( You seeing this was all that I wanted )
        Btw Welcome back

  19. #Request

    Tales of Zestiria the X 2 dual audio 720p or 1080p
    Dual Audio. All episodes are out in both dub and sub.
    X 2 is season 2 of Tales of Zestiria the X.

    Take your time, fellows.

  20. #Request

    Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Dual audio 720p bd x265
    All BD dual audio source is out already so please do it..
    I’m dying to watch it

    take ur time, You guys are best ♥

    1. Since you made me search fuuka on nyaa I searched this one too ,only episode 1 is out in BD . And guess what rokey uploaded it

        1. Rokey is away for 2 weeks ,
          Dragon is away till monday night
          AM63 and PKC have holidays
          DTB43 and DemonAlpha have to study this month

          Well almost all our staff is busy this month, we plan to make a comeback with more force from next month , hopefully we will have some new features like a discussion board on the website , and faster loading and more mirrors

  21. #Request

    Can someone please do ” Fuuka” dual audio 720p bd?
    i think bd is out for anime so plz do it!

    1. So far only 2 volumes have released that is episodes 1-4(don’t know about dubs for sure)
      The anime aired this year what are you thinking

        1. I am interested in this anime too, I checked it on nyaa and there is no torrent that says “BD” as mentioned in your request. Yes the dubs have been released but they are not blu rays

  22. #request

    Blame! (Movie) 1080p english subbed/dual audio
    Colorful (Movie) best quality english subbed/dual audio
    Natsume Yuujinchou (full series) 720p english subbed/dual audio


  23. Guys today i reported broken link of Yumekui Merry
    so did anyone of u noticed that?
    please fix that asap

    1. we did ,
      but we get 40+ comments a day , so catching up takes a little time
      and all encoders are packed with work xD

    2. #Request taken by Kamisama
      Encode in progress

      You will be notified in this comment as soon as the encode is up

      1. Just found this exact encode over at Cleo Encodes. That means no need for Rokey to encode this anymore. Any way to mark this as done?
        My other two requests stand though. Maybe Rokey will take a look a both when he’s back…

          1. Rokey already encoded it,torrent file is available,
            “My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) Season 1 Complete (Dual Audio) [BD 720p x265 FLAC] [Rokey]”

  24. Just a quick Question: I haven’t watched Koe no Karachi yet, I saw the comments on the 720p v2 about the subs so is there going to be a proper 720p encode after 22may? Should I watch that for better experience ??

    1. The video encode quality is great, and the v2 subs are understandable enough. If the uploader could provide the properly synced official styled subs in ASS format later when it’s available on May 22, we can simply mux it in using MKVToolNix. So it all depends on that.

        1. same
          we will release subs on 22 as our source will release them on 22

          Will update the file with the subs , and will also release a subs file on the post itself for those who have downloaded

          1. Not until a clean blue ray is out with besto subs .

            You can go ahead and watch this one

          2. Nah I can wait, just wanted to watch it due to its fame, I am not really into emotional stuff

      1. Some episodes are missing!
        you should have encoded those episodes to x265
        that will result 100-200mb per episode

        1. All episode are UP now
          and yes its large size
          cause we are busy with encoding other series
          will be making small encode soon

  25. #Request

    I’m in desperate need of the Kaiji Series.

    Season 1; Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor (Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor)


    Season 2; Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Hakairoku-hen (Kaiji: Against All Rules)



    If necessary, season 2 takes priority.

    Please and thank you.

  26. holy shit people extratorrent just shutdown today. where the hell i am going to get anime torrent now. u guys just started uploading torrent there.

          1. hey tsunayoshi what software u use to encode. i am new to encoding and started using Handbrake. even after watching bunch of tutorials i still cant get smaller size with quality.

          1. that is possible,since it is in the top ten list but I had some eyes for Kat (incarnation of old kickasstorrents ,but they slow growth rate)

    1. major anime, movies and tv series groups were uploading the torrents there now they will have to shift to another site

  27. Idk if i will
    But I’d like to check the technology out if possible
    Can you come to telegram ?

    1. I have a 480p Dual Audio version ready for upload , its 1.75gb for 26 episodes
      Should i upload that? or should i try for the 360p ver?

    1. Please use the report button (blue colored button) on that post ,
      Each post has a report button ,

      We cannot keep track of off topic requests here.
      Report the post instead

  28. #Request

    I would like to request the following;

    Golden Boy 480p / 720p English Sub
    Clannad 720p English Sub


      1. Cleo, this is not your turf. WTH are you doin’ man?
        This is our request section dude.
        You should have at least asked first.

      1. i just want to let u know i encoded both my self but still if u want to do it. i can still provide the source.

          1. i downloaded it on my vps and then made mini mkv. also i am not good at encoding so the quality is bad. so if u can upload it in 480p i will be glad thanks.

          1. NOT KNOWING H3H3
            WOW SAWADA

  29. #Request Persona 4 BD 720p Dual Audio 100mb (cant find it anywhere below 6gb) there is a encode with 150mb episodes watched 2 ep of it but the quality is not worth the size ) The series is amazing though.

          1. You may not worry on that part I have a ridiculously long of list anime to download, if you are a dragon I am no less than a bakemon

        1. Every encoder has their own source they prefer to use , that goes well with their encoding settings.

          So availability changes slightly with them

  30. Batch Progress
    parasyte the maxim after f/z
    fate ubw/index almost done
    P4 (18/26)
    clannad (0/44)
    Akagami no Shirayukihime after clannad
    gonna do LoGH this weekend as well

  31. #Request Mujin Wakusei Survive 768p(same as source) x265

  32. #Request Kaguya-hime no monogatari 8bit 720p x264
    Use Fussoir’s encode if possible (or a better encode)

  33. #Request Uchuu Kaizoku Captain Harlock (the 70’s show) in 720 mini-encode (DVD quality if that’s the highest version.

        1. I want it too, wait for the req to be taken or you can directly talk to the encoders or the admin about the progress by joining the telegram group, there is a link mentioned follow it

          1. Is a 60fps source available for this? If yes, encoding from that would be better in this case since it’s a CG anime.

    1. Ya I want that too, can you guys make 100mb file size a standard for normal anime and 150-200mb for anime like Sidonia that have great animation standards.

    1. Please mention the quality and language ,

      Please re-read the instructions and post it again, otherwise the request will be considered invalid

  34. There is one more problem the mobile version of the site opens links without any content check it out the anime episodes link

    1. Thanks for telling this ,
      It was an error on my part ,

      Abhay’s reputation +1
      Added you in our Trusted List

  35. #REQUEST K project 720p BD English audio around 100mb/episode
    I know you guys have already uploaded a version of it ,but I can’t afford the size of it.

          1. Yes I can wait for it I have already watched it ,but I need it for collection thanks again, I appreciate your hardwork ,just upload it when you get time

  36. #Request Free! S1 + S2 720p dual audio or english audio only 100mb/episode if possible
    also can i get old rokey encodes from the time of torrents

          1. > either comment on the affected page
            > or post the url of the page here

            saying attack on titan , means 10+ posts .
            So please be specific

            This helps us track it across the site

      1. Thx man..if you need help with eps pls let me know..
        I have some of LTZ, fled encodes around 400MB each…
        Need to have 100MB instead of 400MB..

          1. Ya..I tried..but it does not play in MPC…it’s using OPUS codec
            If u don’t mind that is could you encode the series in these settings..
            I know its too much to ask but pls try …
            Video: 1280×720
            Audio:AAC stereo

          2. Here is the setting the at I prefer
            Video: 1280×720
            Audio:AAC stereo

        1. i used to own both of these movies including the evangelion series. its what started me on watching anime. yes its ancient anime.