Apocalypse Strikes Kaizoku – Death and Rebirth

Story Highlights

  • Mass shooting of download links at Kaizoku
  • LoliKiller and dedsec come to the rescue
  • Sawads busy typing this meme post
  • Biggest dead links surge till date

Hold up!

Calm the F down.

Yes, the website is mostly dead, but before you start jumping to conclusions, allow us to explain what we’ve planned for recovery and the future.

Lemme guess,

Lately when trying to download from our links, you must be thinking..

Because all our links are like..

As some of you (especially the data hoarders) might be aware, that most of the accounts that we hosted our encodes on, have been taken down. This is nothing less than an apocalypse for Kaizoku at this point.

What? idk what that means, explain!

Okay okay, chill.. We hosted our encodes on lots of different drive accounts which are down entirely. Which means as of writing this post, most of Kaizoku is dead. Except for the airing shows, dunno what sorcery saved that tbh, but we’re not complaining.

The question: What now?

Well, what’s dead is dead. Our only option is to replace the dead links. This won’t be done overnight, though. Not with our current setup at least.

So what we’ll do is, while re-doing all of our posts from scratch, we’ll be re-evaluating and re-structuring our back-end and revamp our setup of how we deliver our content to visitors and supporters.

Some of us had been planning this for quite some time now so while we have this opportunity and the pressure from our visitors, which is no joke I tell you, to redo the everything, we will.. uhh..

  • Redo all posts with the new posting style
  • Shift all old links to Drive (some don’t even have drive links at all)
  • Fix all cancerous posts (yeah, don’t even wanna talk about those)
  • Improve our back-end so if this apocalypse strikes again, we could recover from it overnight.
  • The mechanism of fixing of dead links *might* get an overhaul too which would make fixing dead links super fast. It’s still a work in progress, though.

Sounds good so far?

There are three things we need from y’all:

Point 1 - Click to reveal

Point 2 - Click to reveal

We require that you bear with the dead links for the next couple of weeks.

Point 3 - Click to reveal

Point 2.

Meanwhile, here’s an alternative:

Donators always retain their access, so if you who can’t wait for us to get things back on track, we request you to go ahead and get access to the Donators Drive. Check out MyAnimeSpace or the Account Upgrades section in your user panel to know more.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Signing off

and remember
Kaizoku ou ni, ore wa naru!

Potato desktop somewhere on this planet
Kaizoku Core

Sawada Tsunayoshi

I do things with my dying will!, feel free to reach me on telegram at @animekaizoku


  1. ooooh man can you at list fix link some of you comment mentioned name and you can use mega account they not deleted by company or anything do you create account they never vanish and you have any other idea you can ignore this message thanks for anime like my becoming your fan bro but i don’t know your name…. bye
    aaaah this is joke no serious like you comment your name or like that i don’t expect like that or anything of you i just want you fix link soon as possible goodbye.. and you can add favorite list option or liked anime list so like this is little easy to find anime you can add this function if i ware your shoes i add well its you anime website so wat you can best off luck …. oooh i write best off luck do you know what that mean you can comment me if your smart you can tell i know your …… well peace like hand peace ✌✌✌ you can create app hhhhdon’t do that right now you can only focusse website you can pollish this website best at best as you can sorry for taking so loong best off luck comment reply ……bye and you find anything in my comment anyword …………… dont be sad (┬┬﹏┬┬) bye seriously….

    1. you can use mega account they not deleted by company or anything do you create account they never vanish

      Hi Jay, you sound like a smart person.
      Look at it this way.

      Mega gives 15gb per account

      It means if we just want to post one piece in 720p eng sub, we need to login to 8 accounts, divide it in 8 accounts, post 8 diff links from each account.

      And then post updated to a 9th account for the newly releasing episodes.

      Thats just one anime.

      And there are 8tb of anime across Kaizoku.

      they never vanish

      They do vanish, mega takes entire account down after 3 strikes.
      Which almost every other host does.

      you can add favorite list option or liked anime list so like this is little easy to find anime

      We are considering to implement bookmarking/likes for posts.
      And a multiple genre search in coming time.

      For now, getting links back up is the main priority.

    1. Hm..havent looked into the adverts this month due to constrained time.
      I’ll look into those again and see if there is any issue.

      Donators can always register on
      You will know the donation stuff once you register there.

  2. I am happily awaiting for this update to end. Maybe some of the dead links can be done as well. In the meantime I will patiently await the return of the site. build it up and build it up good :D I am counting on and rooting for all of you to work hard for all of us :D

    1. This is not a place to report dead links
      Infact – for now, reporting any links is time waste as we are doing the entire website fresh with a setup that can fix links faster, smoother.

  3. I came across Yandex.Disk
    Not sure if their service would suit your needs but maybe worth looking into.
    I’m not entirely sure how their pricing compares to gdrive though. Also something cool is that even if you stop paying, you can still keep all your stored files on their servers, you just can’t upload any more unless you start paying again.

    Basic info can be found here

  4. Dead links is common problem among the generous sites like yours. you have my full support bruh to keep all of these links up again.

  5. You guys,I don’t have anything to say, but get this straight. You guys
    are awesome and are working very hard to get us the anime. I will wait
    for your return right here in my PC. Let’s make Animekaizoku great again

  6. That’s going to be a massive undertaking. All those bullet points sound good to me. Good luck guys!

    Although personally, I wouldn’t use “Mass Shooting” in your headline seeing how much of an issue it is here in the States. I do realize it’s intent here, but many others may not. So my advice is just be careful with headlines like that.

  7. Hmmm. “Kaizoku ou ni, ore wa naru!” xD yep. I got fooled by the “Sounds good so far?” spoiler. Haha. Thanks. :) I will definitely repay my debt once I got my Valid ID XD lol. Also, hmmm… THANK YOU SO MUCH! hehehe.

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