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Notice the site url? it's now pointing to "" 

This means that what you are seeing right now is a clone of the site.
We have now shifted kaizoku to a subdomain and are silently working to redo the main one. 

Users who register will still be carried over to the new website and ongoings are still being updated
( but the post may not show its updated ) 

Bear with the pain for a little more time, we are doing everything we can to bring you the anime you want, fresh.

And always remember - Kaizoku ou ni, ore wa naru!


April Fools!

Donators Account are now up.
Get yours now for hassle free downloads with no adverts or shorteners.
April Fools bakaro konoyaro ! We arent closing down, please dont panic.
Donators Account are now up.
Get yours now for hassle free downloads with no adverts or shorteners.

Sawada Tsunayoshi

I do things with my dying will!, feel free to reach me on telegram at @animekaizoku


  1. thanks for everything guys, this was the best place for me to download anime for my collection, and once again
    thanks for everything and goodbye

  2. Just when i gotten used to the new look of the site. Thank you for all you`ve done, regardless of this being a fool`s prank or otherwise.

    1. its a prank
      btw any suggestions regarding the new design? liked it?

      This current design has been in our to do list since 8 months

  3. Thank goodness, I take these seriously since every site I join seems to shut down shortly after…starting to think i was cursed…

  4. No way, I just joined 2 days ago and hoped for some awesome times….What a slap in the face… well thank you guys for your time… good luck with everything Sawada…I wish you and all other staff members happiness and hope your lives get better!

          1. Every year I make the same damn mistake of forgetting about April fools…..well it ain’t happening next year!

          2. Next year we will issue the “this site has been taken down my the fbi” and see if you dont panic then

    1. Sawada is now bankrupt.We are seeing less number of visitor since Feb. You should not make fun of this poor guy’s plight.
      He does not have money to run the site or its servers.

      1. haha, 1st of all its so dramatic like in Romatic movies, one of the MC is dying and another is talking him/her to death & here the dying one is literally asking for the talk to death thing.
        2nd if you are going down then why are you accepting encoding request on the forum.
        The plan is not full proof you see.
        So, you have to accept me today as a rude guy making fun of the sufferining one, ROBL (Rolling on Bed Laughing)

        1. Hi adam,
          not everyone in the staff has seen the notice.

          and i’m not a delivery service.
          also the forum is a diff site, and isnt a part of kaizoku directly.

          Hope you will like it once you see the 404 error tomorrow morning. :)

          1. The group said to kill the site for a day and see the panic

            i disagreed cause its a lot of work for me to get it back up on monday.

    1. Nah I am afraid it is true mate. Sawada is yelling at everyone whenever we (any Team Kaizoku member)asking this question too

      1. no, this is true, i saw him in the paper, he’s being sued with $50000, his real name is Ramavenkateshvaram Swamy… it’s just too sad.

    1. This is real. We, staffs, too been facing difficulties. As you guys know, we have lots of inactive staffs because of real life problems and we can’t really keep up with it anymore.

          1. I think we shud have a group like on discord or something, i mean if its anyone decided to fund it and bring it up again? i mean i had no idea where can i find animes to download anymore, i just found this great site ytd, feelsbadmayne

          2. think about the encoders! they have lives too! many of them are suffering from disappointed parents, undernourishment, obesity, blindness, weebness (it’s a real disease, don’t google it). We should be happy that they could all live good lives when the site is taken down! I <3 DMCA!

          3. > are suffering from disappointed parents, undernourishment, obesity, blindness, weebness

            none of the members fit any of the description.

          4. we had a group on discord, it is dead and i deleted it cause it was dead.

            cause me no use discord and me no hab time naw.

            also: stop being a big ball of depression

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