All about recent downtimes at Kaizoku [Updated with boring details]

What the hell is going on lately?

We understand that lots of you have been wondering as to what is going on with the website recently and have a lot of queries on your mind that need be answered.
This post is to cover those queries and to shine some light one some of the issues that we know have been going on recently this past weekend and more.

Now I will try to cover off what Kaizoku is aware of, should there be any other issues that were unmentioned or went unanswered then please do not hesitate to drop comments.

Why was the website slow and unresponsive?

Recently, with reduced revenue and increased server prices, Kaizoku shifted/downgraded to a smaller, lighter web server.

That added to some of our downtimes and as a thing almost never go as planned we encountered some issues.

Account Suspended?

No, Your account at Kaizoku was not suspended, we received plenty of emails of users asking why their account was suspended.

To clarify, it was not, something was not right on the new server and Kaizoku was eating resources so badly that we could call it a self DDoS at that point, to keep other sites from going down we temporarily suspended the website itself and investigated why suddenly went wrong.

All your accounts are safe and you should be able to log in.

Ongoings were not showing or say download limit exceeded

We are aware of this particular one and its one big inconvenience.

We have added multiple mirrors with an auto switch in case this happens.
So in case, A drive link for an ongoing exceeds the daily limit, the mirror will switch to the 2nd one or 3rd one.

I saw Error 500 - The website could not handle this request

That’s exactly what it means, this points back to Why was the website slow and unresponsive? – With large CPU usage, the server dropped some requests and some users ( or a lot of users ) were not able to view the page.

Edit: Got reports that this is still there – will look into this today.

Okay, what now?

We have fixed the issue with the CPU ( I’ll spare you the boring details :3 )

At the moment – things are back up to normal and you should be able to download your fav anime encodes.

Boring Details here

On server upgrade we shifted to php 7.3 This had a bug with with php7.3+ioncube which resulted in opcache not working and hence the high load.
We regressed back to 7.2 and cache is back up and the load went down.

And one other thing was that during server setup I mistakenly hosted the sites on the hdd instead of the ssd. ( Didnt find out until later ) ( The hdd was there to support as a backup cache )

There are still reports of some pages showing error 500 and this im looking into.

Any other questions? bug reports? Please do let us know in the comments.

Kaizoku ou ni, ore wa naru!

Kaizoku Core

Sawada Tsunayoshi

I do things with my dying will!, feel free to reach me on telegram at @animekaizoku


  1. Hi.. Thanks a lot for your hard work.. I have a simple idea to solve all problems.. It’s not perfect.. But still.. it is free!
    Use Telegram! You can create private channels for every anime.. And shorten the link of the channels (or every single episode) so you can get revenue.. So you don’t have to pay for servers or anything.. Because telegram’s storage is unlimited!
    The only downside is the speed.. Even so for me is very good.. But many says it is not fast enough..
    I use Telegram every day to store my favorite anime and other files, so that I can download them when ever I want!
    I hope the best for you ❤️❤️

    1. Telegram has some limitations.
      For example

      If i dump you a channel with all of one piece episodes, have fun downloading 900 files one by one.

      if you dont have auto download media on, then have fun with 900clicks.

      Telegram also doesnt support special characters on file names like [Animekaizoku] or – or . and so on.

      Then there is upload and download speed and one upload at a time, we cant deliver updates one at a time, sometimes there are dozens of updates within the hour.

  2. Is the server down at this point of time? It seems that I’m encountering Error 404 at all anime’s Google Drives. Can someone answer why? Is this related to shift of server?

    Edit: On “MOST” anime’s Google Drives. Not really all since I’ve tried some.

    1. More like
      2 days ago massive amount of edu accounts got taken down.

      including ours.

      Almost all of kaizoku is dead for completed series, ongoing is still holding on ( for now )

      We are aware of this.
      Considering to close site down for 2 weeks and redo it whole – with better setup.

      We are working on things and how to improve recovery for future stuff.
      ideally, after this – we probably would be able to fix dead links hand to hand.

  3. Hi fellow kaizokus, I woud like to know the name of the anime in the wallpaper.
    …what?… I need to ask more relevant questions?… I’ll try next time… but please… pretty please… don’t leave this kaizoku hanging… in the middle of the sea

        1. Wasnt, it was taking you to this page but to the comment that answered the question.

          dedsec already answered it to a diff user.

          Direct quoting ded

          sauce is love live sunshine, lol.

  4. Hi dear Kaizoku, why dont you use a VPS ? Im sure there are some cheap ones where you can decently manage everything you need, or is the VPS too small for an extensive use

    Best regards!

    1. Dont think so its from your end.

      Sometimes google rate limits files – in which case they dont show up on the ddl for ongoings.

      Afaik, seen happen it only on ongoings.

    1. Each Tues and friday the maple node backs itself up
      Each time it does this, high cpu usage causes the sites to go down smh smh smh

      I disabled backups.

      Fk it

      It should be up rn.

  5. site was down again yesterday . can’t remember the error it showed but i could not access it (not even homepage). when will things be stable again.?

    1. when will things be stable again.?

      I’ve been wondering this one for a while now.

      :( Each time something is fixed another thing breaks.

  6. I got the ‘download limit exceeded’ issue the other day, but I was able to download anyway after adding the files to my own drive and doing 1 ep at a time if that helps anyone.

    1. Yes, that method works.
      Although its highly inconvenient.

      We are discussing internally on how to improve this one – suggestions are welcome.

  7. Hi Team,

    Just wanted to bring to your attention (if not already aware, i understand you have a lot of things going on)
    But when trying to access the below link:

    I always get the notification that it isn’t working. Rest of the website side is grand, just that one link that i mostly use to search for shows that have been completed doesn’t work for myself.

    I have cleared my cache to double check that but this hasn’t resolved the issue making me believe it might need some attention for yourself.

    Many thanks for all the work you guys do, greatly appreciated.

    1. Im able to access it ni both incog and logged in.
      Both seem to work.

      But yes, this was a known issue until 2 days ago, i remember fixing it and keeping it in my to-do list to optimize it.

  8. I’m having ” Error 503 Service Unavailable [The server is temporarily busy, try again later!] ” at the moment too. Looks like this is the new issue everyone is facing right now. Dropping this comment to report the error. I love you guys, ANimeKaizoku Team!!

    Edit: I was able to access the main page. But this only happen when I typed in the search box or try to go through a link on main page.

      1. I tried clicking all the redirect links just now. Both search and link working fine. No more 503 error. Thanks for the hard work!!! You guys are the best!! <3

      2. I tried clicking all the redirect links just now. Both search and link working fine. No more 503 error. Thanks for the hard work!!! You guys are the best!! <3

  9. Hi. I’m having the Error 503 Service unavailable error when ever i am trying to search something or even login. Kindly requesting you to look into this issue at the earliest possible. Thanks and regards to the AnimeKaizoku team

    1. Okay, I digged this entire night and i (think) that the root cause is fixed.

      Can someone check and vrify this from visitors end?

  10. I’m having Error 503 Service Unavailable when I type an anime in the Search Box. I’m using Chrome mobile with my Samsung Galaxy A70 phone.

  11. Were you able to pinpoint what was causing the issue? I’m just curious as to what it was.

    Glad to see you guys are still around, kicking and screaming. :)

    Also, it might be a good idea to have a section dedicated to announcements and statements.

    1. Were you able to pinpoint what was causing the issue? I’m just curious as to what it was.

      Yes, I’l update the post with some info then.

      Glad to see you guys are still around, kicking and screaming. :)

      *screams internally*

      Also, it might be a good idea to have a section dedicated to announcements and statements.

      This is a section dedicated to announcements, /news/
      We generally dont get time to post stuff here though.

      1. I read the updated part (boring details) and it makes sense. Updates can be released prematurely or have bugs that causes more issues than they solve (Bethesda?). Good to see you guys were able to resolve the issue.

        I also thought that the news section was for anime news only and not information regarding the site itself. My apologies for not realizing that.

  12. here i was wondering where would i find my googledrive links :(, i hope everything works out fine, and also please give me the sauce to the background girl.

    1. gpay – pass.
      paypal hm..

      Bitcoin..i’m considering this and it requires some custom work.

      A donation setup is there already.

  13. Hope everything remains good in future, you guys doing great work its a very good and reliable website. except the dead links. good luck.

  14. Yes I’ve came across a few Dead links. especially the 480p for mega and google drive.
    But it’s still one of the best sites out there. Keep up the great work.

  15. i hope the issue will be solved soon and i seriously hope that you guys will get more revenue in future.. you all have done really awesome job and you guys deserve it!!

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