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  1. Can’t login. Every time i login , it returns with a incorrect password then i change the password and login again ,didn’t work. Tried this 2-3 times and now i am annoyed.

  2. ive noticed that alot of anime google drive links resulting in 404 error not found on sever even tho it was working the previous day. Do you know why this could be happening ?

    1. We dont do “uploads” – most of the stuff you see here encoded and thats the main deal around Kaizoku
      The uploads are automated and posting is done by out editors and authors of the specific anime.

      You should discuss this further at myanime.space

  3. how do i get dual audios to work? a friend told me to download vlc but it doesnt even play the vid the only place the video worked was on my drive

    1. What version of vlc?
      What “doesnt play” do you get a prompt? or it glitches?

      What graphic card? intel or nvidia or else?

      Require some info to get started with assist – if you want to take this private you can drop us a mail at [email protected] and we can assist you there.

      Or visit Telegram and search @animekaizoku ( this would be faster )

    2. What version of vlc?
      What “doesnt play” do you get a prompt? or it glitches?

      What graphic card? intel or nvidia or else?

      Require some info to get started with assist – if you want to take this private you can drop us a mail at [email protected] and we can assist you there.

      Or visit Telegram and search @animekaizoku ( this would be faster )

      1. alright so what doesnt play is the video i got from google drive i searched up a method on youtube for how to use vlc right now i have the latest version of vlc i just downloaded it yesterday but in all honesty the video was from a year ago. also the graphics card is a geforce gtx 10

          1. the anime was attack on titan season 2 the dual audio 1080p one. and to be sure that im not fucking up heres what i do i get the shareable link from the video i want like for example ep 28 of aot2 and then i paste the link in open network stream of vlc and hit play but it doesnt and even after i delete the open thats in the link and replace it with uc like it said in the video i watched it still didnt play also i did it with the vid you sent me and it still didnt play

          2. Yep, you are doing this wrong.

            You need to “download” the episode/episodes or the folder and play em locally.
            Network streaming isnt optimal.

            As the website meta title says : The Anime “Download” Central.

    1. Looks like post arent being tagged properly,
      Gonna tag em now and process this so this shows the right listing and will look into why tagging isnt working.

  4. Can you please upload Gintama shirogane no tamashi hen 1080 p. I.could not find it anywhere but on horriblesubs.info where size is too big and need uTorrent. Appreciate if you do!

  5. Can you upload Gintama shirogane no tamashi hen 1080 p . couldn’t find anywhere but horriblesubs.info where size is too big and you need to download it from torrent.rell
    y appreciate if you do!

  6. Can you upload Gintama shirogane no tamashi hen 1080 p. I could not find anywhere in 1080p except horriblesubs.info but size is very big and it is a torrent.really appreciate it if you do!

    1. Hi Julean,
      We normally only allow verified encoders to post on the website ( since it requires them to have their own access ac to backend) – if you dont mind i can post this under my account with proper credits to you.

      Let me know

      1. Yes that’s my purpose actually. Download it immediately because 1 week from now i will remove it from my mega acct. Another good news actually is more of my upcoming encodes to come.😁😎

        1. I think you are confusing something,
          We wont keep the encode or download it – since we didnt encode it,
          If you want to post multiple encodes – i suggest you try applying to join on telegram @animekaizokuencodes

    1. Post saying “Sub” are subbed
      Post saying “Dub” are Dubbed

      Post saying “Dual Audio” are both.

      Naruto 720p Eng Sub <— Subbed anime
      Naruto 720p Eng Dub <— Dubbed anime
      Naruto 720p Dual Audio <— Dual Audio ( Eng Sub and English Dub)
      Naruto 720p Dual Audio Kor <— The Subs (unless stated otherwise) are english and the dub is korean

      Basically, if the language in a dual audio is anything else – it will be mentioned on the post itself

  7. Hi,

    We normally dont, as we are trying to keep up with 2018 and the new era
    However i understand your concern, if you need something specific you can always reach out and drop a request in the forum.

    I’m always around, you can reach me there if you need any help.

  8. Can you guys upload more 8 bit versions of anime? I usually download these for my phone where i can take everywhere but its a shame now coz it doesnt support 10 bit

  9. Hi hi i came again with another report ? accel world full burst movie 1080p can’t be downloaded please check it out

    1. You may refer to my below reply.

      Apologies you are facing this, but as a free site~ with nothing to gain, we are trying our best we can from our little lives.

      I honestly need a month more to get my ass back in gear.

  10. Hello again sorry for bothering but Attack on titan first season 1080p has problem it say the folder can’t be found please fix it

    1. We are getting a lot lot dead links this month ,cause dmca levelled up, and we are currently working on a solution that is tolerable for users and workable for us.

      There are a lot of things going on so things are slow.

  11. Hi please upload fate stay night unlimited blade works 1080p dual audio ×265 encoded eng subbed please please i want to complete my fate series collection in 1080p encoded of course it would be great if you kindly upload fate apocrypha and fate extra last encore with the same features thank u and your site is the best that i have ever seen i will tell all my friends about it

    1. First off, sorry i didn’t reply on time,

      Life is way way too busy now~

      Secondly, we don’t take requests from here, if you noticed there is a large button that says “REQUEST”, its on the same menu where you came down to this page.

      As everyone else, you will need to drop a request there (after reading the rules)

      Salad Tuna Sushi

      1. Yes i checked many times for your answer and i saw that your last answer was a month ago so i thought that you won’t answer it’s ok i understand about busy life sorry for requesting here i just asked here because i didn’t know that but what about problems can i tell you about them here?like attack on titan s1 that i said beforeM

        1. And by the way when i tap request it open FAQ nothing more and when i tap FAQ it brings me here where should i request?

    1. Bro plz upload the movie Spirited away (2001) in English audio or try to fix the links. I don’t know where is the forum so i request u plz upload it

  12. To whom it may concern.
    The Anime Encodes here are reached using the site Ouo.io but now Ouo.io is banned in our region.
    Plss fix the encodes to be in other sites leading to Mega other than Ouo.io

    1. Hi
      We changed the ouo.io links to oio.press

      the links will work cause .press isnt blocked in globe telecom.

      But if you come across any ouo.io link, just change the domain to ouo.press and it will work.

      Please spread the word.

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

      1. Thanks
        I really thought our downloading days are over XD
        I sure will spread the word to my friends who will encounter this problem.

          1. The Previous issue have been resolved for good.
            But there’s another issue, Some links are not working when they reached MEGA and MEGA says that the link is invalid, EX. SAO 720p and Danmachi 720p. Hope It’ll get fixed

          2. You should comment on the post itself

            If already done and found no resolution, then comment on the forum in the dead links thread.

          3. Just to make sure since I’ve been unable to reach anyone. the download link for mobile suit gundam 00 season 1 dual audio is down

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