Steins;Gate 0 1080p Dual Audio x265 10bit

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Steins;Gate 0


The eccentric, self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe has become a shell of his former self. Depressed and traumatized after failing to rescue his friend Makise Kurisu, he has decided to forsake his mad scientist alter ego and live as an ordinary college student. Surrounded by friends who know little of his time travel experiences, Okabe spends his days trying to forget the horrors of his adventures alone. While working as a receptionist at a college technology forum, Okabe meets the short, spunky Maho Hiyajo, who later turns out to be the interpreter at the forum’s presentation, conducted by Professor Alexis Leskinen. In front of a stunned crowd, Alexis and Maho unveil Amadeus—a revolutionary AI capable of storing a person’s memories and creating a perfect simulation of that person complete with their personality and quirks. Meeting with Maho and Alexis after the presentation, Okabe learns that the two were Kurisu’s colleagues in university, and that they have simulated her in Amadeus. Hired by Alexis to research the simulation’s behavior, Okabe is given the chance to interact with the shadow of a long-lost dear friend. Dangerously tangled in the past, Okabe must face the harsh reality and carefully maneuver around the disastrous consequences that come with disturbing the natural flow of time. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Alternative Titles

  • English:
  • Japanese: シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ
  • Synonyms: Steins Gate Zero


Encode Details

  • Video: 1920x1080p
  • Audio: Dual Audio (Eng+Jap) @96k
  • Subtitles: Horriblesubs

Characters & Voice Actors

Amane, SuzuhaAmane, Suzuha

Tamura, Yukari

Tamura, Yukari
Hashida, ItaruHashida, Itaru

Seki, Tomokazu

Seki, Tomokazu
Hiyajou, MahoHiyajou, Maho

Yahagi, Sayuri

Yahagi, Sayuri
Makise, KurisuMakise, Kurisu

Imai, Asami

Imai, Asami
Okabe, RintarouOkabe, Rintarou

Miyano, Mamoru

Miyano, Mamoru
Shiina, MayuriShiina, Mayuri

Hanazawa, Kana

Hanazawa, Kana
Akiha, RumihoAkiha, Rumiho

Momoi, Haruko

Momoi, Haruko
Amane, YukiAmane, Yuki

Tamura, Yukari

Tamura, Yukari
Kiryuu, MoekaKiryuu, Moeka

Gotou, Saori

Gotou, Saori
Kurushima, KaedeKurushima, Kaede

Kino, Hina

Kino, Hina
Leskinen, AlexisLeskinen, Alexis

Ueda, Youji

Ueda, Youji
Nakase, KatsumiNakase, Katsumi

Honda, Mariko

Honda, Mariko
Reyes, JudyReyes, Judy

Nishimura, Maya

Nishimura, Maya
Shiina, KagariShiina, Kagari

Han, Megumi

Han, Megumi
Tennouji, YuugoTennouji, Yuugo

Sabat, Christopher

Sabat, Christopher
Tennouji, NaeTennouji, Nae

Yamamoto, Ayano

Yamamoto, Ayano
Urushibara, RukaUrushibara, Ruka

Kobayashi, Yuu

Kobayashi, Yuu


Kawamura, KenichiKawamura, Kenichi
Director, Episode Director
Yamaguchi, TakayukiYamaguchi, Takayuki
Sound Director
Kawakubo, KeijiKawakubo, Keiji
Episode Director
Koga, KazuomiKoga, Kazuomi
Episode Director
Tsuchiya, HiroyukiTsuchiya, Hiroyuki
Episode Director
Hanada, JukkiHanada, Jukki
Script, Series Composition
Ozaki, TakaharuOzaki, Takaharu
Itou, KanakoItou, Kanako
Theme Song Performance
Theme Song Performance
Original Creator
Abo, TakeshiAbo, Takeshi
Fukunaga, GenFukunaga, Gen
Executive Producer
George, CrisGeorge, Cris
ADR Director
Iwata, KeikoIwata, Keiko
Animation Director
Kamogawa, TakahiroKamogawa, Takahiro
Key Animation
Kimiya, RyousukeKimiya, Ryousuke
Animation Director
Nagayoshi, TakashiNagayoshi, Takashi
Key Animation, Animation Director
Nakamura, KazuhisaNakamura, Kazuhisa
Animation Director
Original Creator
Nobusawa, NobuakiNobusawa, Nobuaki
Shikura, ChiyomaruShikura, Chiyomaru
Original Creator
Shiokawa, TomoyukiShiokawa, Tomoyuki
Director of Photography
Sudou, HitomiSudou, Hitomi
Takemoto, DaisukeTakemoto, Daisuke
Animation Director
Character Design

Theme Songs

Opening Themes

  • OP1: “Fatima (ファティマ)” by Kanako Itou (eps 2-20)

Ending Themes

  • ED1: “LAST GAME” by Zwei (eps 2-7, 9-13)
  • ED2: “World-Line” by Asami Imai (eps 14-17, 19-20)

Episode List


Episode Title



Missing Link of the Annihilator: Absolute Zero
Reika Ryouiki no Missing Link: Absolute Zero  (零化領域のミッシングリンク Absolute Zero)

Apr 12, 2018


Epigraph of the Closed Curve: Closed Epigraph
Heiji Kyokusen no Epigraph: Closed Epigraph  (閉時曲線のエピグラフ Closed Epigraph)

Apr 19, 2018


Protocol of the Two-sided Gospel: X-Day Protocol
Soutai Fukuin no Protocol: X-day Protocol  (双対福音のプロトコル X-Day Protocol)

Apr 26, 2018


Solitude of the Mournful Flow: A Stray Sheep
Boushitsu Ruten no Solitude: A Stray Sheep  (亡失流転のソリチュード A Stray Sheep)

May 3, 2018


Solitude of the Astigmatism: Entangled Sheep
Hiten Shuusa no Solitude: Entangled Sheep  (非点収差のソリチュード Entangled Sheep)

May 10, 2018


Eclipse of Orbital Ordering: The Orbital Eclipse
Kidou Chitsujo no Eclipse: The Orbital Eclipse  (軌道秩序のエクリプス The Orbital Eclipse)

May 17, 2018


Eclipse of Vibronic Transition: Vibronic Transition
Fuden Seni no Eclipse: Vibronic Transition  (振電遷移のエクリプス Vibronic Transition)

May 24, 2018


Dual of Antinomy: Antinomic Dual
Niritsuhaihan no Dual: Antinomic Dual  (二律背反のデュアル Antinomic Dual)

May 31, 2018


Pandora of Eternal Return: Pandora’s Box
Eigoukaiki no Pandora: Pandora’s Box  (永劫回帰のパンドラ Pandora’s Box)

Jun 7, 2018


Pandora of Provable Existence: Forbidden Cubicle
Sonzai Shoumei no Pandora: Forbidden Cubicle  (存在証明のパンドラ Forbidden cubicle)

Jun 14, 2018


Pandora of Forgotten Existence: Sealed Reliquary
Sonzai Boukyaku no Pandora: Sealed Reliquary  (存在忘却のパンドラ Sealed Reliquary)

Jun 21, 2018


Mother Goose of Mutual Recursion: Recursive Mother Goose
Sougo Saiki no Mother Goose: Recursive Mother Goose  (相互再帰のマザーグース Recursive Mother Goose)

Jun 28, 2018


Mother Goose of Diffractive Recitativo: Diffraction Mother Goose
Kaisetsu Joshou no Mother Goose: Diffraction Mother Goose  (回折叙唱のマザーグース Diffraction Mother Goose)

Jul 5, 2018


Recognition of the Elasic Limit: Presage or Recognize
Dansei Genkai no Recognize: Presage or Recognize  (弾性限界のリコグナイズ Presage or Recognize)

Jul 19, 2018


Recognition of the Asymptotic Line: Recognize Asympote
漸近線のリコグナイズ Recognize Asymptote  (漸近線のリコグナイズ Recognize Asymptote)

Jul 26, 2018


Altair of the Point at Infinity: Vega and Altair
Mugenenten no Altair: Vega and Altair  (無限遠点のアルタイル Vega and Altair)

Aug 2, 2018


Altair of the Hyperbolic Plane: Beltrami Pseudosphere
Soukyoku Heimen no Altair: Beltrami Pseudosphere  (双曲平面のアルタイル Beltrami Pseudosphere)

Aug 9, 2018


Altair of Translational Symmetry: Translational Symmetry
Heishin Taishou no Altair: Translational Symmetry  (並進対称のアルタイル Translational Symmetry)

Aug 16, 2018


Altair of the Cyclic Coordinate: Time-leap Machine
Junkan Zahyou no Altair: Time-leap Machine  (循環座標のアルタイル Time-leap Machine)

Aug 23, 2018


Rinascimento of the Unwavering Promise -Promised Rinascimento-


Rinascimentio of Image Formation: Return of Phoenix
Ketsuzou no Rinascimento: Return of Phoenix  (結像のリナシメント Return of Phoenix)

Sep 13, 2018


Rinascimento of Projection -Project Amadeus-


Arclight of the Point at Infinity: Arclight of the Sky
Mugen Enten no Arc Light: Arc-Light of the Sky / Kousa Zahyou no Stardust: Milky-way Crossing  (無限遠点のアークライト Arc-light of the Sky / 交差座標のスターダスト Milky-way Crossing)

Sep 27, 2018


Valentine’s of Crystal Polymorphism -Bittersweet Intermedio-

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  1. hi can you please upload the dual audio steins gate 0 OVA (Valentine’s of Crystal Polymorphism: Bittersweet Day)

  2. Hello there coder. is it me or is the English Audio faster than the animations on episode 21 (for the first half anyways) also i believe it’s for the subbed aswell.

      1. for the first 9 minutes i had to set the “Audio Time Shift(ms)” to 200ms, then i had to slow it to 300ms at 11 minutes, then to 700ms at 13 minutes, then -500ms at 14:20, 18:50 is -200ms, it was really weird for me.

  3. Hey, could you post a link to download the episodes (spaste doesn’t work for me; it’s blocked becasue it “contains child porn”)

    soo… or a direct link to the download please.

  4. Good Evening Kira

    Will you release this in LostYears Subtitles? they have already released episode 22 and soon they will release 23 too

    Thanks in advance for replying

  5. English Dub episodes are released on Tuesdays, and yes there are only 4 english dub episodes released as of now, the english dub episodes of most of the anime are released 4 or so weeks later than the subbed episodes (exceptions apart) hence there are only 4 episodes here………

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